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Rejuvenate Home Restoration products include the top selling Rejuvenate Floor and Rejuvenate Cabinet Restorers. With the addition of specially formulated cleaners and refreshers to augment the power of Rejuvenate, the entire line has grown to include all the products needed to get the best possible results when Rejuvenating your home. The familiar products like Rejuvenate Floor Restorer have not changed as far as the contents or effectiveness, they have just been packaged in a more attractive container. We have added some new items like the Wood and Furniture Repair Markers & Stain Remover Pens that complete the restoration line and allow for minor touch ups and repairs before sealing in the shine. Leather and Vinyl Restoration products effectively clean, moisturize and protect all leather and vinyl items in the house. Another product that has been upgraded from the inside out is the Countertops Polish and Restorer. The new formulation delivers more shine and fills in those minor scratches that mar your beautiful surfaces. The newest additions to our complete home restoration lineup are the Stainless Steel Products that allow you clean, polish and repair all your major appliances and grills. For the Cooktop we now have a powerful cleaner and polish that removes even the worst burnt-on messes. Finally, for all your electronic devices and appliances that have display screens we have new cleaning wipes that cut through greasy fingerprints and leave your displays crystal clear. For a quick reference catalog of all our products, please see our Home Restoration Product Catalog.

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